The Smarter Way to Impress your Clients

Safelink's out-of-the-box deal rooms, legal extranets and ediscovery tools transform your interactions online.

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Simple, Customisable, Browser-Based

One solution to replace old, clunky software. Safely based in the cloud and accessible wherever you need it.


Increase productivity
Speed through your work using automations, custom work flows and intuitive reporting.

Reduce costs
One monthly cost, no surprises. Our clients report savings as high as 80% when switching to us. Transparent pricing, always.

Improve security
Our unique approach to security uses double-encryption. Only your team has access to your keys.

Make Better Tactical and Strategic Decisions

Optimise matter creation, execution, and analysis to maximise performance at work.

>Deal Rooms
Manage corporate and property deals with powerful access controls, watermarking, engagement reporting and Q&A.

>Case Management
Your case in one place. Ingest documents & emails, build narratives and export as a court-ready bundle.

>Legal Extranets
Share your business knowledge effectively and securely - both internally and externally.

>File Sharing
Large file sending, secure messaging, and collaboration tools for inside your team and out.

Identify, collect and organise your files. Redact or expose relevant content, annotate, bookmark and much more.

>Document Review
Small-case & SAR document review with search, coding and production tools.

See What our Customers are Saying

"We have been using Safelink for over 7 years now and we create both white-labelled secure Safelink client portals and internal workspaces which look really appealing... not only a fantastic solution but a technical support network around it that truly makes it stand out."

- Adam Jeffries, CIO



"Through working in partnership with the experienced, focussed and service-driven team at Safelink, Accuro has seen increased levels of client engagement, improved efficiency and it has allowed us to truly demonstrate our commitment to keeping our clients' confidential data secure."

- Mark Pullman, COO 



What You'll Learn

How Safelink's unique approach to encryption adds a new layer of security

How easy it is to turn messy documents into beautiful board packs
How you can save a huge amount of time using templates and workflows